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  Why Us?

A solid foundation
Woodcrafted Homes, Inc. has been building high quality new homes in Central Oklahoma since 1978. Woodcrafted Homes founder, Harold Gorrell has a diverse background which makes him ideally suited to build your new home. Gorrell, who has a masters degree in business administration, sought to start a home building company and decided to learn the skills needed from the ground up. Harold began by working with a framing crew and was fortunate to work for a boss who wanted everything to be the very best, and wanted it done right the first time. Eventually Gorrell apprenticed with an experienced finish carpenter and carefully mastered the trade. Harold and his wife Mickey later branched out as a carpentry team.

In these early years, Harold & Mickey began to see many ways to improve conventional designs. They began to formulate multiple improvements to make their new homes more functional for the home buyer. From this effort, WOODCRAFTED HOMES was founded.

Affordable, functional and beautiful
They initially focused on building smaller homes, aimed at first time buyers, that were the most functional and livable available. From their first house, they found themselves modifying existing plans to suit their design concepts. They would modify a kitchen sink area in a very limited space to make room for a dishwasher or trash compactor, move a wall in order to allow more closet hanging space, or even move several walls to give a dining room area more space. They always did this at no additional cost to the home buyer. Taking their years of experience as finish carpenters working on plans with problematic designs, they began attempting to develop the perfect new home. Although there is no single house plan perfect for everyone, you will find that Harold & Mickey have consistently built the highest quality affordable, functional, and beautiful new homes in the Oklahoma City Metro area.

The highest quality workmanship
Today Woodcrafted Homes exhibit a very open and flowing quality. Large kitchens with extra cabinet space and large formal dining rooms are standard. The highest quality workmanship put into each new home is evident the moment you step in the door. Harold & Mickey personally supervise each step of the home building process daily. Years of modifying conventional designs have yielded homes that are more user friendly! Extra linen space, larger closets, more phone and cable outlets, larger master bathrooms and less wasted space are part of their standard design philosophy. These modifications are offered to the home buyer at no additional cost. Over the years, Mickey Gorrell has successfully added the woman's touch to the layout and design as well... logical functionality and elegance combined! Since 2002, Harold & Mickey's son Brian has also been actively involved with the company and is learning the business from the ground up.



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